Site Specific


Location: Stanford BioE-ChemE Building, Stanford, CA
Medium: Archival Paper, archival bookbinding glue, archival printers ink, archival dye, UV coating
Dimensions: 192” x 192” x 2” (grid of 5001 sculpted 2” diameter paper balls)
Year completed: 2014

A collaboration with Felt Hat Design for the Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering Building at Stanford University, “TITLE UNKNOWN, 2014” is a 192” x 192” grid installation of 5001 paper balls, installed to create four different geometric patterns. Printed on fully archival paper, individual syllabi of the bioengineering department were sculpted into specific 2” spheres. These balls were then dyed a combination of three colors and mounted flush to the atrium wall of the building. Once installed, the grid creates four distinct colorful patterns, as seen from four separate angles. While traveling throughout the atrium on three different levels, a maze of each specific color—green, blue and red—appears. From the left side of the installation a maze appears that is green and angular; from the right, the maze is blue and the lines are curved; from below, the maze is red and a mixture of straight lines and curves. The solution to the maze can only be found when looking up from below.