Site Specific


Location: Peloton Building, Portland, OR
Medium: Ash, Hemlock, White Oak, Walnut, Fir
Dimensions: 16’ x 14’ x 6”
Year completed: 2016

“Brilliant Corners” is a high relief wood wall sculpture placed in the main lobby of the Peloton Building in Portland, Oregon. The piece was commissioned to create a sense of interest and dimension within the lobby space. The handmade shapes are designed to reflect the shape of living bodies moving through space. Though the building’s design focus is on bicycling, the artists found the general peloton shapes used to describe movement in the natural world (bird flight formations, schools of fish) to relate closely to both the physical and psychological movement of the peloton in bicycle racing. The shapes represented in the carved wood elements are examples of various peloton designs found in the natural world.