Site Specific


Location: West Linn Police Department, West Linn, OR
Medium: Cathedral & etched glass, laser cut aluminum, LED lighting
Dimensions: A three part installation
Year completed: 2014

Commissioned by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance and the City of West Linn, OR “The Thin Blue Line” is a three-part installation in the lobby of the West Linn Police Station. The installation consists of a 120”x 96”x 1” panel of glass with five shades of blue cathedral glass laminated to the surface. This panel has a sandblasted and paint filled “thin blue line” running through the middle. A second 96”x 72”x 1” panel of glass in the center of the lobby has been etched to create a city outline highlighting points of interest throughout the community. The 60”x 60”x 7” back wall panel is an aluminum cut outline of the topography of the region. This topography map is backlit with blue LED lighting. The installation is viewed as three separate pieces that work alone as well as together to give one a sense of place. The three ways of seeing the installation are meant to remind the viewer of the different layers of experience working together to create community.